Gym Philosophy and Core Staff Values

  • We will Respect all gym members
  • We will use Clean, Positive Language 
  • We will play Clean Music 
  • We will Encourage and Build Up our clients

Who We Are



Our Trainers have a wide variety of experience and education, as well as different desires and interests in the performance and fitness field. This gives each client who comes to Complete Strength specific, individual training programs that go beyond exercises to help each succeed and achieve whatever goals they may have.

Complete Strength


Complete Strength is a private training facility in the heart of Lees Summit. We have 4,000sq.ft. of open gym space, with weights, platforms, turf, and a lot of fun toys! We have something for everyone in an outside-the-box facility.



Our clients range from 12 year-old athletes to 75 year-old men and women, and everything in between! Our gym is a second home to most of our clients, and everyone is a part of the family!



Bryan Marlborough

Bryan Marlborough Complete Strength

   Bryan founded Complete Strength in 2009 out of a passion and desire to teach, train, and lead young athletes how to prepare for their sport.
  He grew up playing Baseball and Football, as a Pitcher and Quarterback, and wanted to learn how to train specifically for those positions. This formed his desire to help other athletes train specifically for their sport and even position so they are getting the best possible care and program.
 Bryan's primary goal and vision with Complete Strength is to provide training programs for everyone in the community and offer a gym that is positive, encouraging, personal, and builds up the athlete, as well as the top Individual Training Programs provided anywhere in the area.

Sidney Marlborough

Sidney Marlborough Complete Strength

  Sidney desires to use her sports experience at every level to influence and motivate women of all ages.  

After playing high school volleyball and basketball, she went on to play basketball and win a national title at the University of Tennessee under Pat Summitt.  She played professionally in the WNBA and overseas for 7 years prior to coming to KC.  

Her heart is to challenge our women to  accomplish their goals but also know their God-given, created worth. 

Lainey Horn


 Lainey has worked with individuals at all levels – from youth sports to college athletes – in a variety of different sport backgrounds. Lainey is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. She received her Master’s Degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science through the University of Central Missouri Department of Kinesiology. Previously, Lainey graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science. She specializes in exercise physiology and biomechanics as they relate to program design, corrective exercise, injury prevention, strength and power development, and athletic performance enhancement. Her inviting personality gives her the ability to connect with athletes of all different backgrounds, making her a vital member of the Complete Strength team. Lainey’s goal is to help athletes achieve their highest levels of performance in their respected sport, while keeping them injury free.

Our Programs

Athlete Performance

Athlete Performance Complete Strength

Individual Training Programs for athletes of all sports. We create specific programs based on Sport, Position, Age, Level, etc.

Personal Fitness Training


Individual Training Programs for those looking to Lose Weight, Increase Muscle Tone, Get Stronger and Healthier for everyday life.

Team Training

Team Training Complete Strength

Training Programs for the team to come in together and work on general and specific training aspects. Baseball, Basketball, Football, Gymnastics, LAX, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Track, Volleyball, etc.

Group Training


Group Training is a Discounted program with 3 or more individuals coming together and working out with a single program designed for the group.

Special Classes


Our Special Classes are offered at various times and are typically sign-ups. Kids Fitness, Yoga, Weight-Loss Challenge, Speed for Athletes, etc.

Online Training


Individual Training Programs designed and created for each client to use at their own gym, home, or community workout room.

Monthly Training Rates

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Complete Strength

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