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Our Athletes

Professional Athlete Training

Professional Athlete Training, Athlete Performance, Complete Strength in Lees Summit, MO

We work with pro Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball, etc. We offer fully-customized training programs for each athlete during the off-season and pre-season.

Strength, Speed, Throwing Power, Hitting/Kicking Power, Agility, Endurance, Mobility/Flexibility, Recovery, Sport-Specific Energy System Conditioning.

We also have a Registered Dietitian and Physical Therapists available!

College Athlete Training

College Athlete training, Athlete Performance Training, Complete Strength in Lees Summit, MO

We work with Collegiate athletes in Baseball, Basketball, Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball, etc.

We will design an Individual, Specific program for you based on your Sport, Position, etc. generally in the Summer and Winter breaks.

We will also work with your school's program to help navigate it and maximize your training!

High School Athlete Training

High School athlete performance training, Complete Strength gym in Lees Summit, MO

We work with High School athletes from all sports, all throughout the calendar year. 

We can give you a foundation and maximize your potential of proper strength training, speed mechanics, jumping, throwing/hitting power, agility/change-of-direction, mobility, and more.

Seniors - train with us the summer before you go to play in college! Make sure you are prepared to play right away.

Middle School

Middle School training, athlete performance training, training for kids, Complete Strength

We will teach and develop the fundamentals of Strength Training, Speed & Agility, and Sport-Specific movements.

Middle School is a great time to begin learning to train and learning your body for an athlete!

Young Kids

Training for Kids, Complete Strength gym, Lees Summit, Missouri

Kids younger than middle school age can come in and learn the basic fundamentals of body-weight strength training, coordination, balance, sprinting/jumping techniques, basic agility movements, etc.

Team Training


Coaches and Club Directors - Bring your team(s) in to train with us for Speed enhancement, Strength training, Power, Agility, Recovery/Injury-Prevention. 

We will design a program based on your team's needs and goals, with general and sport-specific exercises and training methods.